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Pre-enrollment procedure for university courses in Italy – academic year 2019-2020

The registration procedure for university courses in Italy for the academic year 2019/2020 includes the following three main steps.


Interested students will be able to collect the application form (“Form A”) to be filled at the Italian Cultural Institute: Belay Zelleke Street- P.O. box 1635 – Addis Ababa. Tel: +251 111 553427 / 573080

The form can also be downloaded from the following website:

All the information regarding the pre-enrollments can be found on the following website:  where it is also possible to download the Form “A”.



  1. Submission of the documents. By 24 July 2019, interested students must submit to the Consular Office of the Embassy of Italy in Addis Ababa (Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 12.00) the following documents, with photocopies:
    • Form “A” duly filled in two copies but not signed: the form must be signed in the presence of an employee of the Italian Embassy;
    • one passport-size photo;
    • the passport with at least 15 months of validity from the delivery of the visa, plus 5 photocopies of the passport;
    • all the academic qualifications to be legalized (Diplomas or Degrees), together with the Italian translation (by a sworn on-site translator and legalized by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  2. Costs. The legalization costs of the documents to be submitted at the Italian Consular Office are listed below. These costs could be subject to slight variations due to the update of the ministerial exchange rate:
    • Authentication of one photo:                                                                      ETB 1.321,00
    • Authentication of each signature:                                                               ETB 451,00
    • Authentication of each translation:                                                             ETB 645,00
    • Legalization of each signature by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:    ETB 774,00.
  3. Legalization of documents. The Consular Office will legalize the submitted documentation and will forward it to the Italian Cultural Institute, which will then communicate the data regarding each student to the relevant University in Italy. Between 31 July and 9 August 2019, the Italian Cultural Institute will contact the students to communicate the available day and time to collect the legalized documents from the Institute. These documents must then be submitted to the Visa Office of the Embassy in order to conclude the procedure. The Consular Office of the Embassy of Italy will communicate the date and time of the appointment with the Visa Office.



In order to apply for a “university enrollment” visa for the academic year 2019/2020, the following documents and requirements are needed (for more informations you can visit the Visa section pages or send an email

  1. Documents and requirements.
    • The Schengen form duly filled in and signed;
    • A passport-size Photo;
    • Passport with a validity of at least 3 months beyond the expiry date of the requested visa (for a one-year visa, a passport validity of at least 15 months is required);
    • Photocopy of the first page of the passport and other visas obtained in the past (e.g. Schengen/UK/USA/Canada);
    • The photo authentication in original plus two photocopies (this procedure must be requested to the Consular Office of the Embassy);
    • Letter of admission from the Italian University;
    • Academic documents (diploma/certificates) duly authenticated in original and two photocopies (this procedure must be requested to the Consular Office of the Embassy, as indicated in section 2 above);
    • The application form “A” in original and two photocopies, downloadable from the website of the Italian Cultural Institute of Addis Ababa ( or from the website or from the websites of the Italian Universities (this form must be authenticated by the Consular Office of this Embassy);
    • Declaration of value of the original degrees and two photocopies (this procedure must be requested to the Consular Office of the Embassy, as indicated in section 2 above);
    • Certificate demonstrating the successful completion of the proficiency test/ “student copy” exam, duly authenticated (this procedure must be requested to the Consular Office of the Embassy, as indicated in section 2 above);
    • The Embassy, if necessary, will request further information;
    • The Visa Office will check the language level for university courses that will take place in Italian;
    • Adequate insurance coverage, for medical treatment and hospitalization, valid for all Schengen Countries as well as for the entire duration of the stay;
    • A suitable accommodation in Italy;
    • Economic means of subsistence for the planned stay of 5,935.87 Euros per year.  The availability of such means must be proven through personal or parental economic guarantees, or provided by accredited Italian Institutions and Agencies, including Universities, Organizations or Institutions considered reliable by the Embassy of Italy. It cannot be demonstrated through the provision of a bank guarantee or a guarantee policy, nor cash or guarantees provided by third parties. It will be necessary to demonstrate the financial means by bank statement of the last 6 months, certifying regular income over time and not instrumental current accounts (such as recent payments). If the guarantees are from the parents, they will have to sign a special form.
    • Through the requested documentation, the applicant must prove to be in a socio-economic situation or in a working and family position that can guarantee his/her real interest in returning home at the end of the validity period of the visa.
    • The financial support from the parents must be proved by submitting commercial licenses (original and copy).
    • Round-trip flight booking; the Embassy, in some cases and in the absence of suitable guarantees, may also request a copy of the return ticket.
    • For those who require a short entry visa to participate in the admission tests, a “C” visa will be issued for a short duration (less than 90 days), submitting the above documentation, for a total cost of 1,933 ETB (there could be a slight variation in costs due to the exchange rate for the month of July, not yet quantifiable).
    • The Embassy has the right to refuse the application based on the Schengen rules in the absence of suitable requirements.
    • A fee of 1,600 ETB is applied to all “study” visa applications (there may be a slight variation in costs due to the exchange rate for the month of July, not yet quantifiable)
  2. Timing. A minimum of 15 working days is required to issue a “study” visa. Therefore, interested students are invited to start the procedure with adequate advance, in order to submit the aforementioned visa application at least 20 days before the scheduled departure date to Italy.