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Regulatory update on COVID-19 testing for all passengers entering/exiting/transiting Ethiopia

Effective Monday, June 7, 2021, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health has provided a new digital COVID-19 test certification system for outbound, inbound and transit passengers in Ethiopia. Paper certificates for exit, transit and entry into the country will cease to be accepted as of July 1, 2021.

All outbound passengers from Ethiopia will be required to undergo a COVID RT-PCR test exclusively at one of the authorized laboratories, test negative and operate the online test certification process on a dedicated platform. In order to view the authorized laboratories in Ethiopia and for the subsequent certification of the test, all passengers must register on the online platform It should be noted that the list of laboratories is constantly updated and therefore we recommend that compatriots check before traveling.

Outbound passengers from Ethiopia will then have to perform the PCR test for COVID-19 in one of the authorized laboratories and, following the availability of a negative result, will receive an email and/or an SMS from the chosen laboratory and/or from the online system PanaBIOS with the instructions to generate online (on the platform their certification code cd. “Trusted Traveler” (if this does not happen after a certain period of time, it is advisable to contact and request the laboratory where the test was performed). At least until July 1, 2021, it is recommended that passengers carry their own paper certificate.

For passengers arriving in Ethiopia, they too must register on the website; select the “Check in” option and choose the route of their journey; upload their negative COVID-19 PCR test (carried out at one of the authorized laboratories) and enter their flight information. The procedure is used to generate an alphanumeric “Trusted Traveler” code in QR format, which can be requested at the airport. A list of authorized laboratories is also available on the platform for Italy and it is recommended that Italian citizens make use of them. However, it is suggested to have your own paper certificate with you.

At the following link you can consult a simplified travel guide, prepared by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, which describes the various steps to be followed on the platform for the two procedures (departing from Ethiopia and arriving in Ethiopia).

From a review conducted by this Embassy, it is recommended to access the platform through Firefox and Chrome browsers for full functionality.