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Study Visa


Study Visa

Study Visa


a) STUDY VISAS TO TAKE PART IN COURSES ORGANIZED IN ITALY BY ACADEMIC/INTERNATIONAL CENTRES  The list of document to be provided is the same one for Tourism visas but Short Term visa (90 days max,) is free of charge.


The following documents (both in original and copy) have to be provided by the applicant

1. Copy of the Admission or Selection letter you received from the Italian University after having filled the enrollment form on- line;

2. Certificate from the Italian University that the course you have chosen in Italy is entirely  taught in English language;

3. Certificates proving the knowledge of Italian language (if the course is In Italian);

4. Valid passport;

5. Final qualification achieved:
    a) High School Education Certificate entitling to access to Addis Ababa University;  
    b)   Post–secondary education, Diploma or Bachelor which has to be:
          ● certified “true copy “ from the relative Institution, College or University;
          ● duly legalized by the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs  of Ethiopia;
          ● translated  into Italian language
          ● accompanied by the transcript and student academic record;
          ● accompanied by the “Dichiarazione di valore” issued by the Embassy of Italy in Ethiopia;

6. University pre enrolment “form A” (available at the Italian Cultural Institute), correctly filled in (the signature on the form has to be legalized by the Embassy of Italy);

7. Two passport size photographs (one of which should be certified at the Embassy of Italy);

8. Statement by a parent (click here to see a draft) assuming responsibility to transfer at least Euro 3,000 (three thousand Euro) through the banking system for covering the living  expenses in Italy in favour of the son/daughter applying to study in Italy;

9. Euro 2,000 (two thousand Euro) in cash (with related photocopies) to be taken to Italy at the time of departure in order to face up the initial expenses;

10. International insurance covering 30 days (starting from the day of the departure), with a letter of commitment to take out an insurance policy in Italy in order for the student to have all medical expenses covered for the entire period of stay in Italy;

11. Booking hotel for 15 days or a declaration stating the availability of lodging accommodation in Italy during the first period in favour of the student.

12. Flight reservation.

Note: In particular cases, the Embassy reserves the right to request further documentation.

Only Students applying for a long term study visa must submit their visa application in person to the Embassy's visa office, without appointment,on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 9.30 to 12.00, with all thedocumentation listed above.