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Information on Tourism Visa


Information on Tourism Visa

Information on Tourism Visa

Information on Tourism Visa


The following documents will have to be provided by the applicant in original and one copy.

1. A Schengen Visa application form, duly filled-in and signed.  According to the Schengen Visa Code, “as a rule, the application ought to be lodged at least 15 days prior to intended date of travel”.

2. One recent colour passport-sized photograph (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm), with a bright background.

3. Valid passport or travel document with a validity of at least three months after the end of the intended departure of Schengen area with at least 2 blank pages as well as a copy of all pages containing personal data of the passport/travel document (in the case of new Ethiopian passports, a copy of the first page is sufficient).

4. Evidence of previous stays in the Schengen- area (old visas) (original and one copy) if applicable.

5. Fees of EUR 80.- (payable in ETB at the Embassy´s exchange rate at the time of the application) which in case of refusal of the visa application will not be refunded.

6. A health insurance policy valid for all Schengen states for the duration of the intended stay, plus 15 days of grace period covering a minimum of EUR 30,000.-.

7. Hotel reservation for the entire length of the visit, or an Invitation letter by a friend, relative etc,

8. Flight reservation (round-trip).

9.  In case of self-employed businessman: evidence of professional status of the applicant, i.e. business licence (if in Amharic, a translation into English is required) and bank statements of at least the last three months in correlation with the business licence.

10. In case of employees: letter of support by the employer regarding the position, monthly income, annual leave entitlement, future employment and stating the purpose of travel to the Schengen area (original and one copy).

11. Evidence of financial status and rootedness in Ethiopia of the applicant: i.e. title deed for property, personal bank savings books, bank statements of at least the last three months, vehicle registration card, etc (original and one copy).

12. Evidence of personal rootedness in Ethiopia, i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate/s of child/children verified by Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (original and one copy).

13. In case of an invitation from Italy, the minimum requirements are:
• Name and address of both host and applicant
• Purpose of stay
• Relation between host and applicant
• Who is covering the costs?

14. Digital finger prints of all ten fingers will be taken at the time of the application.

Note: In some cases, the Embassy reserves the right to request further documentation.