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Public consultation on "Entering the EU - online visa application process and digital visa".



Public consultation on

We would like to inform that a public consultation of the European Commission is open in order to obtain the views of citizens and stakeholders on the envisaged initiative, in particular on the usefulness of an online visa application process and EU/national application portal, as well as the replacement of a visa sticker with a digital visa. More specifically, the consultation aims to gather views of stakeholders on the impact of different policy options, as well as on the legal, economic and practical aspects of the possible digitalisation of the visa procedures.

The main targets of the consultation are: third country nationals, in particular those with experience of applying for a Schengen visa; stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry; citizens or NGOs with an interest in the initiative.

It is possible to participate in the consultation by responding to an online questionnaire until midnight (Brussels time) on June 3, 2021.

To access the questionnaire, please follow the link: